Just one beverage partner from concept to shelf

Private-label service for drinks firms, hypermarkets, small producers: Polara's solutions and response times are fast and accurate for all types of distributor

A personal, customer-centered approach from the original concept to optimization of the formula, from cost analysis to bottling and distribution. Over the years, this has enabled Bibite Polara to branch out into services as a sole supplier for the production and distribution of private-label beverages.

At the service of modern distributors

And today Polara is structured to meet the growing demand for private labels in the soft drink sector, the ideal partners for retail chains, small drinks producers, industrial manufacturers and distributors. A specialized contracting service enables Polara to manufacture products to stringent price, formulation and packaging specifications. Speedy well-planned deliveries, an excellent sales team (1 key account manager and 9 non-exclusive agents), consolidated knowhow in the production of commercial brands–these characteristics make Polara a preferred partner for modern distribution firms.