For a healthy, quality drink

Original recipes, selected ingredients, top-quality control systems. Because for us at Polara tradition, Made in Sicily and authenticity come before anything else

With over 60 years’ experience, here at Bibite Polara we follow specific rules to make sure that the market gets the highest quality soft drinks possible. Every drink produced at the Modica plant is made to an original recipe, using natural ingredients carefully selected in the best Sicilian tradition. An efficient quality control system in compliance with environmental regulations and respect, in accordance with ISO 14001, in line with IFS (International Featured Standard) Food protocols on food safety, with ongoing self-assessment as required by regulations and by ISO 9001 guidelines.

The best products with the right price-quality ratio

The whole of Polara’s product range - both in glass and in PET bottles - from its traditional carbonated, low-calorie and sugar-free drinks to fruit-juice-based products and energy drinks, from zero-calorie teas to multivitamin beverages, is manufactured using certified production criteria: carefully selected raw materials and suppliers, targeted quality checks throughout the production process, all the way to the packaging step, as well as one of the sector’s most competitive quality/price ratios.

Chemical, physical and microbiological quality

On top of the usual quality controls, there are also in-process control systems involving tests at every stage in the production process, using monitoring systems. At the corporate laboratory, all of the physical, chemical and microbiological tests are carried out on raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, using analytical instrumentation and methods, to ensure that the measurements are both relevant and reliable.