Briosa: quality drinks with 15% juice and pulp from PGI Sicilian citrus fruits. In Aranciata, Arancia Rossa and Limonata flavours.

Tradition and innovation enclosed in the taste of Briosa drinks: Italian soft drinks prepared only with high-quality ingedients and 15% juice and pulp from PDO and PGI Sicilian citrus fruits. Briosa drinks are available in several flavours: Aranciata (Orange Soda) with juice from PDO Ribera oranges, Arancia Rossa (Red Orange Soda), with juice from Sicilian PGI red oranges and Limonata (Lemonade), with juice from PGI lemons from Syracuse. The .unique and unmistakable taste of the drinks of Briosa line is due to the rich and likable sensory properties of their ingredients, coming from the slopes of Etna, the Ribera hills,Syracuse’s citrus groves. Ripened in ideal climate conditions, the best fruits are selected by Polara to enhance the excellence of Sicilian land. With Briosa, you can taste the genuine and natural goodness of the selected citrus fruits combined with the traditional freshness of Polara drinks.