Bibite Polara launches €1.5 million minibond. Environmental sustainability objective

The famous Sicilian soft drinks will be even greener

2021 December 22

MODICA (RG) – Expand photovoltaic systems and reach 100% renewable energy, use more recycled plastic for primary packaging and certify production through SA8000. These are the objectives that Bibite Polara, the Sicilian company that has been producing soft drinks using artisan methods and modern technology for 70 years, has set itself for the next few years in order to work towards environmentally sustainable production. To achieve these results, the company has issued a €1.5 million seven-year minibond plan, which has already been purchased by UniCredit, confirming Bibite Polara's corporate and capital strength combined with its vocation for environmental sustainability.

By joining the "Bond Food Mezzogiorno" project, Bibite Polara has identified key objectives to be achieved within a three years time frame. The substantial economic investment that this entails will be regulated by sustainability advisor Nativa. If the objectives are achieved, UniCredit will grant a bonus to the Sicilian company by reducing the coupon rate.

We have always been concerned about the environment and the sustainability of our production - explains Carmelo Polara, who runs the company with his sons - We already introduced a large photovoltaic system some time ago to use renewable resources to a large extent, an investment that we want to increase in order to reach 100% renewable energy, together with the use of a greater quantity of recycled plastic, to project ourselves towards certification that attests the social responsibility of our company. Respect for the environment is important for the future of the world and we also want to do our part by combining our eco-sustainable choices with the quality that has always distinguished our drinks".

A choice closely linked to the production of Polara drinks, underlined with the BIO SICILIAline that refers to PGI or PDO ingredients with only Sicilian citrus fruits from organic farming, simultaneously ensuring a high range of flavour and respect for the environment.

The bank fully supports the project that Bibite Polara has set itself with its far-sighted vision. “UniCredit has always been at the forefront in supporting the sustainable growth of businesses” said Salvatore Malandrino, head of the Sicily region for UniCredit Italia, “and this intervention allows us, with an alternative form of financing such as mini-bonds, to support Bibite Polara's investment and innovation projects. We therefore confirm our commitment to supporting the growth plans of local companies”.

Once again, the Sicilian company stands apart, demonstrating its attention to current issues and showing a concrete desire for innovation and change that translates into a project reflected in the reality in which it operates. Bibite Polara shows that it is actively present and involved in a process that looks to a different future: ecological and green, one that gives the appropriate level of importance to a climate emergency that is on everyone's mind, and does so in a conscious way, with concrete gestures that pave the way for virtuous action.