The latest and safest equipment, certified production processes, passing on the highest possible quality to consumers.

Recipes from the past and cutting-edge production enable us to bottle soft drinks that are as delicious as the ones from over 60 years ago.

Strict controls throughout the supply chain have brought significant recognition:

  • ISO 14001 on environmental compliance and ISO 9001 for quality management and process regulation
  • We use International Featured Standards (IFS) Food to audit food safety.
  • European Organic certification

Chemical, physical and microbiological quality

On top of the usual quality controls, there are also in-process control systems involving tests at every stage in the production process, using monitoring systems. At the corporate laboratory, all of the physical, chemical and microbiological tests are carried out on raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, using analytical instrumentation and methods, to ensure that the measurements are both relevant and reliable.