Here are the soft drinks of yesteryear Refreshing soft drinks from back when it seemed as if everyone in Italy used to ride round on Lambrettas and, in Sicily, the “acquavitaru” used to sell drinks such as spuma, cedrata and anise on street corners. Homemade drinks such as gassosa, made by mixing water, sugar and Sicilian lemons with their outstanding properties.
To offer its customers of today the natural goodness of yesterday, here at Polara we went off to rediscover our own roots and those of the pristine island of Sicily, selecting its best ingredients and most characteristic fruits (oranges, lemons and bitter oranges) to produce chinotto, spuma bionda and red orange. We have delved into our collective memory to uncover the secrets, techniques and dosages of the Ancient Recipe, which Polara first used to transform juicy citrus fruits into refreshing drinks.Soft drinks redolent with the fragrances of the past, authentic flavors and an elegant vintage label: a blend of quality ingredients, for drinks to satisfy tasteful, nostalgic consumers. This line of products was designed for the Horeca channel and also includes cedrata and tonic water.