Italian and Sicilian flavor, top quality fruit and an extensive range of flavors: a whole lot of soft drinks, and a variety of formats to cover all segments of the market

Giving everyone a chance to quench their thirst in a healthy, fresh and original way, Bibite Polara over the years has extended its catalog with a wide range of soft drinks: from the juices of Sicilian citruses to natural flavoring extracts, with no added sweeteners or artificial colors. Today, Bibite Polara offer the best range of flavors Made in Sicily: the refreshing pleasure of our Orangeade, Lemonade and Grapefruit; the strong taste of bitter orange extract and the sparkle of Gassosa, from the natural essences of Sicilian lemons; the full, invigorating flavor of Ginger and Bitter and the effervescence of traditional Polara Spuma and Cola. The elegant, cheerful graphic design also transmits the right image of the company philosophy. Because; Polara beverages, soft drinks, teas, and juice-based drinks are great for any occasion: share as an effervescent aperitif with friends, a sparkle for parties and children?s snacks, a thirst-quencher on swelteringly hot summer days, in the diehard Sicilian tradition of soft drinks kiosks.