This historical brand of soft drinks was founded in Palermo back in 1890 and for nearly a century was the undisputed symbol of refreshingly lip-smacking Sicilian soft drinks. Today it has taken on a new lease of life with a brand new production facility. Cola, Chinotto, Orangeade, and Passoda Partanna are still made with the juice or natural extracts of citrus fruits, only with sugar and no sweeteners. A quality choice which brings a traditional product back onto Sicilian tables, in keeping with Polara’s quality standards.

By acquiring the Partanna brand, here at Polara we not only want to give our customers an opportunity to relive the emotions of the past, but also to restore and promote the cultural roots of a few products that have marked the history of Sicilian soft drinks. Like the Gassosa that, in the 1960s – before the invasion by American fizz – was one of Palermo’s favorite and biggest-selling soft drinks. Or like Partannina, in 18 cl glass bottles, the undisputed cream of Sicilian creativity. Designed 50 years ago by Pippo Partanna, then owner of the Palermo firm, this light-colored, non-alcoholic is a tasty mix of passito and gassosa. A cool drink, refreshing and unique which is still required in the picturesque kiosks in the city.