Polara carbonated drinks - SAPORE DELL'ANNO 2014

2014 June 14

A prize for the quality and taste of our drinks Great news for us here at Polara: we have been awarded the SAPORE DELL'ANNO 2014 prize (taste of the year 2014). An award coveted by anyone working in the Food & Beverage sector, voted by the most demanding jury members of them all – consumers. SAPORE DELL'ANNO is the certification given to products tasted directly by consumers in specialized laboratories, through blind tests, where the brand is not shown so as not to affect the final outcome. More value on the shelf The coveted award comes at a time when mass distribution networks are showing huge interest in our brand, highlighting: • our excellent production quality, which is not afraid to compete with well-known established brands; • great visibility and distinctiveness help us stand out on the shelf, after our recent restyling, featuring on-pack quality certification; • consumer confidence in the SAPORE DELL’ANNO jury, an incentive to choose soft-drink products that move off the shelves really fast Added value to increase sales An award that here at Polara we intend to make the most of, by highlighting the product on the shelf and through traditional means of communication, to strengthen the identity of a product that quality-conscious consumers have approved with flying colors.