Authentic taste and only the best Sicilian fruits. These are the ingredients of success of the new drink line Chioschì Le Selezioni, a new interpretation of the fantastic recipes of bygone times.

New style, new elegant and contemporary-design glass bottles, but, above all, the natural goodness of citrus fruits grown in “Sicilian gardens”: orange, lemon, citron, chinotto and green mandarin.

A line of excellent products.created through the Polara’s accurate selection for drinks full of flavour like Aranciata Rossa di Sicilia (Sicilian Red Orange Soda) and Aranciata (Orange Soda) containing blonde oranges, both with 15% juice. Traditional Gassosa, Limonata, Spuma, Chinotto and Cedrata drinks are reinterpreted to exalt their authentic taste thanks to natural extracts and 15% citrus fruit juice. Mandarin drinks are prepared with 17% juice from Sicilian mandarins and lemons.

Among the innovations in the Le Selezioni.line there is the new Melograno di Sicilia (Sicilian pomegranate) drink, with 15% real pomegranate juice, rich in antioxidant properties. Online sale on our e-shop.