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Lemon tangerin

Lemon tangerin
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Lemon mandarin, one of the most famous and sought after drinks of traditional Sicilian kiosks, above all in Catania, today a soft drink of Polara’s Chioschì line. The simplicity of the preparation processes and the exclusive and inebriating taste of juicy citrus fruits grown under the generous Sicilian sun make it the kiosk drink of excellence. Polara relaunches this very Sicilian recipe in the Lemon Mandarin soft drink of the Chioschì line. The sweetness of mandarins meets the sour freshness of lemons to create a perfect harmony of tastes, scents and flavours, so intense to hold the real taste of Sicilian culture. Its traditional taste is held in a refreshing and sparkling quality recipe. From the combination of 5% natural lemon juice and 20% natural mandarin juice, Polara proposes the perfect refreshing drink for cold summer days with a sprinkling of authentic Sicilian style. Online sale on our e-shop.

Ingredients: Water, sugar, Sicilian Mandarin juice 12% Sicilian Lemon juice 5%, carbon dioxide, natural flavor. Acidifier: citric acid. Natural coloring beta-carotene. Antioxidant: ascorbic acid. Preservative: sodium benzoate.

Nutritional values for 100 ml of product

  • Energy

    61,5 Kcal / 237 KJ

  • Total fat

    0,024 g

  • saturi saturated


  • Carbohydrate

    15,2 g

  • sugar

    15,2 g

  • Fibers

    0,024 g

  • Protein

    0,06 g

  • Sodium


The percentage values refer to RI
RI: Reference intake for an average adult (2000kcal)