In order to emerge in the beverage sector, here at Bibite Polara we have made flexibility our calling card. This can be seen in our ability to expand the number of products on offer, so as to fully satisfy our customers and gain a strong foothold in every segment of the beverage market, by offering top-quality products.

New production plants: versatility & high productivity

Leveraging our geographical location – which allows us to offer distributors throughout southern Italy an optimum balance between performance and value – Bibite Polara’s efficiency and credibility can also be seen in our timely deliveries and the potential daily production (two production lines with a capacity of over 500,000 bottles), which was achieved by expanding the factory, aiming to maximize flexibility so that multiple productions can be carried out with total efficiency. And today the new plant in Modica has 2500 square meters for production and bottling in all major PET and glass formats.

Logistics and palletizing

Finally, our business is also based on large warehouses for storing finished products, with a capacity of over 4000 pallets and IT systems providing highly advanced industrial management and monitoring of every single production stage. This provides Polara’s consumers with a guarantee of total product reliability, with a level of efficiency that only leading companies in the beverage sector are able to offer.