Chioschì Le Selezioni

Le selezioni

From the careful selection of only products of excellence.

The new line of Chioschì Le Selezioni drinks is a real tribute to authenticity and Sicilian tradition, with a modern twist that makes them even more irresistible. This extraordinary range of drinks is the result of a careful reinterpretation of recipes from the past, where the passion for genuine flavours is the protagonist. The successful ingredients are simple but essential: authentic flavour and only the best Sicilian fruits.

The secret of this line’s success lies in the choice of fruits: orange, lemon, citron, chinotto and green mandarin, all from the renowned “gardens of Sicily“. These citrus fruits are cultivated with care and dedication, giving the drinks an extraordinary quality and unique flavour.

Authentic taste

New style,
natural goodness.

A line that comes from the careful selection of only excellent products from which Polara has created drinks full of flavour such as Aranciata Rossa di Sicilia (Sicilian blood orange soda) and Aranciata di arance bionde (blond orange soda), both with 15% juice. Even the traditional Gazzosa, Lemonade, Spuma, Chinotto and Cedrata are revisited to enhance their authentic taste thanks to the presence of natural extracts and with 15% citrus juice. Mandarin drinks are prepared with 17% mandarin and Sicilian lemon juice.

Among the many novelties in the Le Selezioni line is the new Sicilian Pomegranate drink, with 15% real juice and rich in antioxidant properties.

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The authentic taste of the best fruits of sicily.

Chioschì Le Selezioni drinks are presented in new, elegant glass bottles with an exclusive design that emphasises their importance. These bottles are not only eye-catching, but also best preserve the authenticity and freshness of the drinks inside.


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