Chioschì Luminarie Edition, the soft drinks that light up the table

18 October 2023In News4 Minutes

On the occasion of its 70th anniversary, the Sicilian beverage company has dressed its bottles for home consumption with artistic illustrations inspired by the traditional lights (luminarie) of Sicilian street celebrations. Bottles that decorate the table and stimulate a good mood and the desire to be together.

The table always deserves good taste and elegance. Not only at parties, but in everyday life. Soft drinks also have the task of stimulating good moods. That is why on the occasion of its 70th anniversary Polara (it was born in Modica, Sicily, in 1953), decided to present the Chioschì Luminarie Edition, 0.95 litre Pet bottles with illustrated designer labels, capable of bringing glamour, colour and light to the table, even in the darkest autumn and winter months.

Those who produce soft drinks must be able to bring good humour without sacrificing taste and style. – says Carmelo Polara, CEO of the company of the same name – Luminarie are the symbol of the celebrations of our communities, of Christmas, of being together even in the darkest and most difficult moments. They are part of our traditions, they are the lights that unite communities and stimulate positivity. That is why we wanted to create a special edition that celebrates the beauty of being together, even at home. With these bottles, we want to bring a little light, joy, taste and also help improve people’s moods. Sometimes a little goes a long way.”

The Chioschì Luminarie Edition includes three flavours, all traditionally Sicilian: Orange soda, Green mandarin and Lemon mandarin drinks. Already from the brand name, the inspiration to the ancient tradition of the soft drink kiosks still present in the cities of the island is explicit. Recipes and flavours seek to maintain that link with the tradition of the ‘bibitari’ (the ancient kiosk operators) that still forms part of the company’s entire history and philosophy.

The ingredients of the soft drinks are drawn from the best Sicilian raw ingredients, in line with the Sicilian company’s vision of wanting to use the best of what the land offers for its creations. 100% Sicilian oranges, mandarins and lemons are the protagonists of Polara’s soft drinks.

Chioschì Luminarie Edition is a contemporary interpretation, in a pop key, deliberately distant from the usual clichés used in other territories, celebrating an ancient Sicilian tradition. It draws on the patronal and community festivals of the island’s towns and cities. They are affordable yet glamorous bottles, with a vintage label (it is the company’s 70th anniversary) with lights (luminarie) framing dancing couples, in a desire to convey a clear message of vitality, complicity, joy, serenity, leisure and freedom.

Three flavours correspond to three different label subjects. The central theme is the representation of Sicilian Life, the soul of Polara’s philosophy and vision, which deserves to be exported worldwide. Instagrammable bottles, designed for millennials and GenZ, generations attentive to taste, quality, being together with simplicity, but without renouncing glamour, design and the ability to stand out through originality.